One small step for man

July 20, 1969 man first step foot on the moon.  This was a great day for not only America, but all man kind.  As Kennedy said “We don’t do these things because they are easy. We do them because they are hard.  I may just be a kid, but I know a tone about the moon landing that day and I am going to tell you in as much detail as I can the way it happened with the info I know.

From the info I know, Neil and Buzz were beginning there desent down to the surface of the moon when a program alarm went off. The alarm was program alarm 1202. This alarm meant the computer had to many things to do and it was coming close to shutting down. Another alarm went off, 1201 which meant that the computer would almost completely shut down.  Back at mission control, everyone was trying to solve the problem. Gene Kranz, mission commander, figured out that the computer was doing so many things that it was dropping things. First crisis averted.

The second problem was the landing.  “The computer was heading us to foot ball sized craters.”  Neil Armstrong.  They used most of there fuel trying to find a landing site. They did find a site, but with only a little bit more than a minute left of fuel. They almost had to abort the mission. Before they landed on the moon Gene Kranz told that no one could leave or enter the control room till one of three things happened. We had eather landed, crashed, or aborted. They did it they landed with about 17 seconds till the abort.

So that is how I heard it, that is how from all my facts we landed on the moon.  This proved we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. It proved we can break free of our own planets gravity and travel to another planet. Our next challenge is heading towards Mars.

 I got this from the Discovery Channel show.  When We Left Earth.